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Hi, my name is Ekaterina. I’m 28-year old passionate foodie and curious photographer from Russia.

Ekaterina Gt All-About-Paris Author

In this blog you will find my favourite hand-picked spots of the fantastic city of Paris. Thoroughly selected and carefully collected during my 4-year discovery journey in this amazing city!

My endless curiosity has always led me to great places and helped me meet great people. One day I realised that my memory alone can’t hold all this precious information and I thought that it would be a great moment start noting it elsewhere.

It was also about time to find a better way than sms to answer all my friends’ question like “What is the best place to bring my guest to dinner?” “I’m fed up with these 3 usual pizza places we always go to, any advice?”  “Is there any vegan place in this city??”, and the other of that sort… And so this blog was born.

What you need to know about me is that I’m veeery  picky (I mean “god, she is complicated” kind of picky) when it comes to places I go to! So what you will find on this website is far from an exhaustive library of all Paris restaurants… but it’s an exhaustive list of all the places you will want to come back to!

When I came to Paris I was often disappointed with the places we ended up at when just walking in the city with friends… And then I started to search for a cosy and tasty spots every time I went out with someone. Even when it took me to cross half a city haha. Well, I actually loved when it did, this way I discovered the corners of Paris I knew nothing about. With time, I’ve created my own map of favourite places in every district. So that I know wherever I find myself hungry in the city, I will always find a place nearby that won’t disappoint me… And now I want to share it! And this is what this blog is like! I want u to have your own map of great places where you want to come back and that you want to bring you friends to!

Jump in and share the stuff you like! And let me know of you want to test one of the places together! I love meeting people that share the same passion for the food, coffee and Paris. And I believe it to be a perfect start for a friendship!

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    1. Favoloso!!!! Mi piace tanstsiimo!!!:) qui il panettone è già in vendita da ottobre e sono quasi stufa di vederlo…penso proprio che ti rubero' questa deliziosa treccia!!! Un bacione

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